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Morbus Dei: The Arrival

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The Trilogy



»Many books are good, but only a few are this good. Dark, thrilling, authentic and well researched. The authors have created a terrific genre mix that will satisfy every reader.«


»Bastian Zach and Matthias Bauer paint a bleak, realistic picture of this time, making the reader aware of the brutality with which those who are different are treated.«

Tiroler Tageszeitung


»A book that reads like a film.«

Sabine Grutsch, Bezirksblätter Telfs

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The Alps, 300 years ago: lost in a snowstorm, the renegade Johann List ends up in a remote village ridden by fear and superstition ...


Soon Johann realises that there is something wrong with this village, that it lies beneath a grim shadow - animals get killed, people disappear, hooded shapes lurk in the dark woods. When Johann falls in love with the daughter of a farmer, they decide to leave the village together. But even before they are able to elope, the situation escalates - a life and death struggle begins.

Authentically and vividly the author duo tells a story full of tragedy and emotion and allows you to travel back 300 years in time.


Morbus Dei I.

Tyrol in 1704: Johann and Elisabeth flee from the eerie mountain village and beat their way to Vienna. Due to snow, icy cold and dangerous bandits their journey is a risky undertaking.
When they finally reach their designation, their shared future seems to be within their grasp - until enemies from Johann's past emerge. To make matters worse, a mysterious disease is suddenly spreading and covers the city like a shroud. The old imperial city becomes a death trap from which there seems to be no escape ...

An exciting journey through time:
Matthias Bauer and Bastian Zach take you into a world shaped by death and darkness, but also by courage and hope. Surrounded by the gloomy backdrop of the wintry Alps you accompany Johann and Elisabeth on their dangerous journey. Experience the historical Vienna during the 18th century and the church's dark deeds.



Morbus Dei II
Morbus Dei III


Austria, 1704: The young woman Elisabeth is trapped in the hands of the French general Gamelin who pursues dark plans - plans that not only endanger her, but also the whole Habsburg Empire.
Only one man can avert the calamity: Johann List, who loves Elisabeth and would rather die than giving her up. A fatal chase takes its course and leads through inhospitable valleys and secret abbeys of the old empire to the mighty fortress of Turin - and on into the deep heart of the Alps


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